Last updated: July 08, 2022, 19:12 CEST

Local Transportation

Bus fare in Almería is 1.05 EUR, payable to the driver in coins
or small bills.

Between the city and the airport

By bus Linea 30 (for more information, click here)

By taxi, (expect to pay 15 - 20 EUR)

Between the city and the university

Bus Linea 4

Bus Linea 11
  Closest to the hotels in the center of the city, near Paseo de Almería       
Bus Linea 12  This line is the closest to Residencia Civitas to reach the university
: the closest stop is "Plaza Nueva Andalucía", near the National Police Station (about 500m by walking from Residencia Civitas)

Bus Linea 18


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