Last updated: May 30, 2022, 23:14 EDT

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How do I get a receipt for the registration fee?

A:    Registration is handled by the company named Eventbrite. The result of registration is a ticket,
      which you receive via email. That ticket contains all necessary information to serve as a receipt.

Q:    My school requires a certificate of participation. How do I get one?

A:    Contact one of the organizers.

Q:    I would like to edit my response to the questionnaire. How can I do that?

A:    Send an email with your request to Alex Martsinkovsky. You will then receive a personal link which
      would take you directly to your response with prior answers.

Q:    How can I submit the title and abstract of my talk?

A:    This is done by completing the questionnaire. If you already did that, you could edit your response,
      as described in the previous answer. If you are only submitting the title and abstract but no other
      data, you could send them directly to Alex Martsinkovsky.

Q:    Will we have time to go to the beach?

A:    Absolutely! Almería has beautiful beaches right in the city and the sunset time during the conference
      days is around 21:30.

Q:    Is it safe to swim at the city beaches?

A:    Yes, but, like anywhere else, exercise caution during strong winds. Another thing to keep in mind,
      especially if you prefer to swim away from the shore, are jellyfish. When they are spotted, a specially
      equipped boat goes back and forth along the shore and removes the intruders from the water. If you
      are an active swimmer, you may want to use swimming goggles. In the rare event that you are stung
      by a jellyfish, the locals wash the affected area with sea water (never with fresh water). For itch relief,
      use dry ice or water with baking soda.

Q:    Is it safe to swim at the wild beaches outside the city and around the Cabo de Gata area?

A:    Not necessarily. Beware strong undercurrents.

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