GAME 3899: Selected Topics on Game Design: Games User Research

Tuesday and Fridays 9:50-11:25 (Lecture)

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    Magy Seif El-Nasr
    Office 136
    Meserve Hall
    Office Hours: by appointment
    email: magy at neu dot edu

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Course Description:
The development cycle of any game relies on the understanding of the players or target market. This course discusses players' psychology, including cognition, memory, emotions, attention. It will also review game-focused theory such as engagement theory, fun, user experience, play experience, play heuristics, and flow models. The course will also delve in depth in topics including user testing, behavior analysis methods, usability engineering. In group projects, student will be able to use evaluation methods for lab- and field-based work, examples include playtesting, RITE testing, play heuristics, and ethnography. The course is designed to equip designers and developers with tools to test their games and well rounded understanding of their players.
Pre-requisites: None

  • Assignments (70%)
  • Quizes and Class Assignments (20%)

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