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What is Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry and how can it be part of your life at NU? Here's what some current students and recent alums have to say.

LECM Retreat, Fall 2018

What Students And Alumni/ae Are Saying

“LECM is my spiritual home while at college. Always filled with kind and welcoming faces, it's a place where I can rest and recharge from a busy week of classes and other commitments.”—Lexi, class of 2020

“LECM is where I go to recenter myself after a hectic week of school.”—Melissa, class of 2017

“I consider myself lucky to be part of this group. I have learned so much about selflessness, love, and compassion.”—Kristen, class of 2017

“Coming to prayer groups and events, I immediately felt like I had a place in the group which is a really nice feeling to have in the first semester of college. I think my transition to college went a lot smoother knowing that I had the support of LECM.” —Katharine, class of 2020

“I am so glad that I found this group during my semester in the US. LECM feels like family to me and that’s important when you’re far away from home like I am.”—Clemence, class of 2017

“LECM is the fastest group of friends you'll ever make. Being a transfer student it was great to walk into an environment of thoughtful people, and it made a large, busy school like Northeastern easier to transition into.”—Al, class of 2018

“I am so grateful to have been a part of LECM. From the first day that I showed up, everyone was welcoming and friendly. I felt very cared for in this group.”—Jenny, class of 2016

“LECM provided me with a new set of friends, from many faith perspectives, that have encouraged me to not get discouraged in the midst of all of the chaos of college. I always looked forward to the meetings every week because I knew that I would receive a word from God telling me to keep going and let Him take care of the craziness of school. LECM was such a great place to release and engage in great conversations about our walks with Christ.”—Taylor, class of 2016

“LECM keeps me grounded in the midst of all of the chaos of college life. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, caring, and genuine. I think what makes LECM unique from other religious groups on campus is that we all come from a diverse group of religious backgrounds and our services include different worship styles. There is something for everyone. LECM is the best part of my week.”—Caitlin, class of 2015

“LECM has been such an important part of my experience at Northeastern, and I always look forward to our time together, whether we’re out serving in the community, holding faith-based discussions, or just hanging out.”—Karen, class of 2012

“LECM is a haven for peace, quiet and prayer in my life. It’s a place where I can connect with God and feel better when the realities of life start to become overwhelming. LECM is like a second family to me where I always feel relieved and empowered. Without LECM and the amazing people that form this ‘family,’ I would be falling astray all the time.”—Jay, class of 2014

“Finding LECM has helped greatly in my transition from community college to university. It is a welcoming place with lots of friendly people. I was glad to find a Christian group where I felt safe. Also, to have a place that has the freedom and openness to ask questions and have real conversations.… It’s good to know that as I head out on adventures of new life experiences, I have a support system in the students and chaplains of LECM.”—Annalise, class of 2015

“What feeds me in campus ministry is the sense of community and fellowship that is created. Campus ministry is different from some other groups on campus because it feels more genuine, and there’s no hidden agenda to anything that we do. I come to LECM because I enjoy the people and the conversations that we have, and I feel like I couldn’t have the types of conversations we have in LECM any other time during my week. I usually come out of LECM with a sense of energy which I may not have had coming into the evening.”—Gail, class of 2013 

“Communtity is a very important part of faith, and I am able to find that critical dialogue and camaraderie in the services and discussions at LECM. Through Bible study, worship, community service, and conversation I have been able to explore why I am a Christian and what that means for how I live my life every day. I truly value the time I spend at LECM, and have deepened my faith, become more socially and culturally aware, and developed some of the closest friendships I have in college through this ministry.”—Emily, class of 2015 

“In all of my years at NU, LECM is the place that I felt the most loved and accepted for who I am.”—John, class of 2010 

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