Welcome to the LNNR!

Who are we? We are a group of undergraduate and graduate researchers working under Dr. Ryan Koppes. We are part of the SPARK! lab, an open lab group with five other principle investigators spanning the Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Department of Bioengineering.

What do we do? Our research projects focus on the intersectionality between biomaterials, electronics, nerves, and the heart.

When were we established? Our lab was established at Northeastern in September 2015.

Where are we located? Come say hi to us in the Mugar Life Sciences Building.

How do I get involved? Please email Dr. Koppes here! (r.koppes@northeastern.edu) for collaborations, positions, and other inquiries.

Visit our sister lab: ABNEL 

Professor Abigail Koppes: Parkinson's disease and the gut: Models of an emerging relationship @ANKoppes @bindas_j @RKoppes @K_Lab_JHU https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1742706121002294#fig0001

#BMES2021 abstracts submissions are live! Submit your neural engineering work from tissue engineering to brain machine interfaces and everything in between to the Neural Engineering Track! I am co-charing with Dr. Maribel Vazquez @BMERutgers. @NU_ChemE @BMESociety @NUBioE1

Opportunity alert for early-career PIs bridging cell biology, dev biology, and regenerative medicine (stem cell biology, tissue engineering, artificial organs, in vitro systems, and transplantation biology). CTO open call for the 2nd Young Investigator Issue. Please RT 1/3

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