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This section is under construction as we update it with our new team!

Principal Investigator

Janet Randall, PhD LinguisticsCV
425 Lake Hall, Northeastern University
I took piano lessons with a world-class pianist.

Current Team

Samantha Laureano
B.S. Business Administration: Marketing, Minor in Psychology, 2020

I’ve been to over 75 concerts.

Samantha Bonnin

B.A. History & English, Minor in Law and Public Policy, 2022


Julien Cherry
B.S.  Computer Science and Linguistics, 2020

The only people who have my fingerprints are the German government and Disney World.

Leah Butz

B.A. Linguistics and English, 2020

Marisa Snelson
B.S. Linguistics, 2020

My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road

Ashley Robbins

B.S. Linguistics and Psychology, minor in Behavior Neuroscience

I have hiked Mount Olympus!

Filip Musial

B.S. Computer Science and Philosophy, 2024


Colter Giem

Abigail Montag

Undeclared, 2023

I have watched Jurassic Park nine times.



Katherine Fiallo

Alex Jones

Haley Emerson

Francielle Reis

Alana Dore

John Tan

Ryan ‘H’ Hsu

Brian Kim

Andrea Medrano

Lucas Graf

Nichole Clarke

Aaron McPherson

Elizabeth Steyngrob

Lindi Nguyen

Emma Jaffe

Shaughnessy Jones

Matthew Monjarrez

Benjamin Rubin

Katheryn Aucella

Abbie MacNeal

Avery Isaacs

Ryan Semple

Andrea Rodriguez

Xian Yu