On October 3rd 2019, Mengdi, Ge and Keqing drove to visit the Setlow lab at the UConn Health Center and learnt the art of spore purification from his lab members. from left to right: Mengdi Yang, Ge Zhu, Peter Setlow, George Korza and Keqing Nian. 

September, 2020 Our research project entitled A Novel Adjuvant for Aquaculture Vaccines Using Engineered  Bacteria Targeting the STING Pathway has been selected for the inaugural grant from the Roux Institute, a joint program between Northeastern University and University of Maine. 

June, 2020 The Li lab receives an industry funding from the Hollings Biotech to develop a rapid platform for manufacturing nanobodies towards personalized diagnosis. 

October 17, 2019 The Li lab (co-PI) receives an international grant with the title of “Engineer synthetic exosomes for RNA interference in ovarian cancer” from the Research and Innovation Agency at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. We will collaborate with Dr. Amal Ali Al-Dossary (PI) from Saudi to find a cure for women who suffer from ovarian cancer .

August 20, 2019 Professors Bajpayee and Li received a NIH Trailblazer R21 grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. Professor Li, as the Co-PI on the collaborative grant, will apply tools developed in his lab including bacterial synthetic biology and drug delivery to address cartilage damage and repair. 

August 18, 2019 The Li lab receives the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Northeastern University Joint Program in Cancer Drug Development Award. We will collaborate with Dr. David Barbie’s lab from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to develop a new approach to address  resistance against immune checkpoint blockade in non-small cell lung cancer.

June 19, 2019 Ge and Mengdi presented their work on engineering B. subtilis spores to make future medicines with long shelf lives at room temperature in the 2nd Annual Bioengineering Research Symposium

June 6-7 2019 Three lab members attended the 25th annual Boston Bacterial Meeting held at the Harvard Science Center, and have met some future collaborators in engineering the human microbiome for oral and gut health.

April 2019 Our lab received the Mentored Award from FY20 TIER 1 Grant, titled “Engineering Novel Analgesics Inspired from the Gut Microbiome” Jiahe Li (Bioengineering), Kim Lewis (Biology)

December 2018

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The Li Lab has received the 2018 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program – Discovery Award from the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, to explore oral vaccines against Zika virus.