Laure Flapan

Laure Flapan

I am an RTG/Zelevinsky postdoc and NSF postdoctoral fellow at Northeastern University.  I received my PhD from UCLA in 2017 studying algebraic geometry, particularly Hodge theory, under the direction of
Burt Totaro.
Recent and Upcoming Events

  • Algebraic Geometry: Birational Classification, Derived Categories, and Moduli Spaces, Oberwolfach, Sept. 2017
  • AGNES, Northeastern University, Oct. 2017
  • Interactions between Low-dimensional Topology and Complex Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach, Oct. 2017
Contact Information


Northeastern University
Department of Mathematics
360 Hungtington Ave
Boston, MA 02115-5000
Office: 523 Lake Hall

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