Eye MonitorWe are always especially looking for healthy adults, age 60 and over to volunteer in our studies, and would love to have you visit our lab. We also conduct studies that require the participation of Northeastern students and other adults. We are most accessible to individuals within the Boston community.

What is Involved?

The Lifespan Emotional Development Lab usually runs several different studies simultaneously during the academic year and summer sessions, so the study requirements depend on the the current project. All of our studies, however, deal with how emotion effects attention at different stages in the adult lifespan. Typically, LEDlab studies involve:

  • Filling out several personality measures about how you feel.
  • Completing some cognitive tests and puzzles.
  • Watching a computer presentation while having your eyes tracked — sometimes while doing a task.
  • Having your heart-rate and/or facial muscle movements recorded as you watch a computer presentation

At the end of the study, you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish, and learn about visual attention and how it correlates with emotion. You also help us in making contributions to the greater scientific community in future publications.

Upon request, we can send you the results and findings from the study in which you participate.  Nothing in our studies will be painful, harmful or invasive, and nothing will involve taking medications. We academically study how adults deal with their emotions differently across the lifespan and do not offer clinical diagnoses.

How Long Does It Take?

Most people might think that volunteering takes a lot of time; however, the LEDlab typically just requires a one-hour commitment per study.  Of course, if you enjoyed your experience, we would welcome you back to participate in future research projects, as we typically run several studies per semester.

If you aren’t interested in the current project or if you’ve already participated in the current project, we can keep you on a contact list and let you know when another project comes along for which we need volunteers.

How Do I Contact the Lab?

If you are interested in participating, please call or email. When you call, please leave your name and contact information, and a research assistant will call you back with a few brief questions. We will get back to you within the week to schedule a convenient time for you to come in.

If we don’t need volunteers at that moment, we will likely need volunteers in upcoming months. We will let you know about our current studies and what they involve. If the project interests you, we will schedule a time for you to come into the lab. You just need to visit us that one time.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you. Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Room 254 Nightingale Hall
    Northeastern University
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115

    Phone: (617) 373-7243