Directed Study

The Lifespan Emotional Development Lab (LEDlab) is seeking motivated undergraduate students to join the lab as research assistants, starting in the summer or fall semesters.  The LEDlab investigates how emotional experience, emotion regulation, and emotion recognition vary from adulthood to old age. Our studies use a variety of methods including eye tracking, psychophysiological recording, continuous mood recording, as well as cognitive and behavioral assessment. Research assistants become a part of an active community of students and researchers interested in the study of affective science from a developmental perspective. While in the lab, research assistants in the lab learn a variety of skills, including how to recruit participants, use eye tracking and other equipment, and to collect and process data. Each research assistant is trained generally in lab procedures and then works specifically and in-depth on one particular lab project, in collaboration with one of the lab’s more senior members.

Students should have taken basic coursework in psychology, including statistics, a good attitude and comfort with learning new computer programs and interfacing with technology.

Research assistants are required to spend approximately 8 hours per week in the lab, plus attending a mandatory lab meeting once a week.

If you are interested in finding out more, or applying to join the LEDlab, please email Professor Isaacowitz at

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    Room 254 Nightingale Hall
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    Phone: (617) 373-7243