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Other Equipments


  • Seven digital potentiostats with frequency analyzers

  • Two four channel and one eight channle battery cycles

  • Four single channel fuel cell test stations

  • Fully equiped synthesis lab

  • Single point BET apparatus (Micrometerics)

  • Three rotating disk stations

  • 3000 Sq feet lab space

  • Glove box furnaces etc..


























Other Equipments


  • Develop methodologies and design for a synchrotron based Far-infrared spectrometer

  • Use synchrotron based x-ray absorption techniques for probing interfacial surface in situ

  • Develop a concerted research effort, which effectively combines these complimentary approaches into a unified methodology.

    • X-Ray Absorbtion Spectroscopy: Background & Approach

    • Synchrotron Far Infrared Spectroscopy :Background

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