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Improvements in electrochemical interfacial design has tremendous potential in affecting emerging technologies such as improved electrochemical storage (e.g., Li-ion batteries), energy conversion in fuel cells (such as Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, PEMFC's), electro-synthesis and sensors. Our current research effort aims at initiating the development of unique three dimensional polymer-metal nano composite interfaces which not only provide for efficient ionic and electronic conductivity but enable improved selectivity and charge transfer efficiency. These new interfacial designs constitute a significant improvement over the current state of the art. In the energy storage field we have initiated fundamental investigation of charge compensation during intercalation in doped Li-MnO spinels, layered oxide host structures and phospho-olivine systems.In electrocatalysis we have advanced the fundamental understanding of oxygen reduction in aqueous and anhydrous interfaces in both Pt based and Chalcogenide systems as well as provided insights into the nature of reformate tolerance on different Pt and Pt alloys surfaces. In these areas we have a unique combination of tailored synthesis, in situ synchrotron spectroscopy and theory development (with partners under a MURI program).



Dr.Sanjeev Mukerjee



Laboratory For Electrochemical Advanced

Power (LEAP)


Recipient of The Excellence in Research and

Creativity Award for 2013



We are also interested in understanding at a fundamental level the nature of transport of ions and solute species in polymer electrolyte membranes.For this we have a combined micro-electrode, ESR and molecular modeling effort.All the fundamental investigations are sponsored by a multitude of federal agencies which include the Army Research Office (both Single Investigator and a Multi-University Research Initiative), NSF, NIST, DARPA, and DOE.  We have an industrial outreach effort which includes our lab being a fundamental research arm of DeNora company and regional start-up ventures, Protonex Corporation and Encite llc. In addition our Industrial partnership is sponsored by BASF, Yardnee Technical Services, W. L. Gore, and Cabot.








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