Prospective Students

I am seeking graduate students who will work hard and take initiative to creatively expand the scope of ongoing research projects in my lab or to pursue separate topics of mutual interest. In advising graduate students, I aim to balance the benefits of a “hands-on” approach in which I actively collaborate with students to develop and execute their research ideas with the obvious need for them to pursue independent projects and learn to solve unanticipated problems on their own. In addition to ensuring that my graduate students will be productive researchers once they leave my laboratory, this independence is necessary so that they can pursue research approaches that are beyond my area of expertise and preconceptions.

Prospective doctoral students must apply and be accepted into the Marine and Environmental Sciences (MES) PhD Program at Northeastern University. In the Department, graduate students secure financial support by working as teaching and research assistants. In addition to using these opportunities for funding and professional growth, my graduate students must also seek independent funding in order to acquire a skill that is absolutely essential for future professional success within and outside of academia.

Northeastern’s MES department offers an immersive study abroad program for MS in Marine Biology. Prospective master’s students must apply to the Three Seas Program

If you are interested in talking with me about graduate opportunities in my lab, please:

    1. Email me with the following information – GPA, relevant course work, research experience and interests.
    2. Familiarize yourself with the EEMB admissions information.
    3. Think about potential projects that you could write about and use to apply for independent research funding. Some potential funding sources include – National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships, EPA STAR Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study, Fastweb Scholarship Search, Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships, and Sea Grant Fellowships.