The Kostas Advanced Nano-Characterization Facility(KANCF) is a shared multidisciplinary research and educational facility within the Kostas Research Institute(KRI) at Northeastern University. It houses two state-of-the-art electron microscopes including a Cs-corrected TEM/STEM-FEI Titan Themis 300, and a high-resolution SEM/FIB-FEI Scios DualBeam system. It also has a Rigaku Ultima III X-Ray Diffractometer available for crystal structure analysis. The KANCF facility supports educational and research needs for students and faculty within Northeastern University community as well as provides electron microscopy related services for other universities, institutes and industry.

Two members of College of Engineering and College of Science spearhead faculty are co-directors of the facility. Professor Yung Joon Jung focuses on investigating new synthetic routes for low dimensional nanomaterials and engineering their molecular structures. Professor Meni Wanunu’s research focuses on developing new tools to measure single molecules with unprecedented detail and sensitivity and developing nanoscale ultrathin materials that harness surface crystallinity to afford molecularly precise emergence of function.

Wentao Liang, a staff member at the KANCF facility, is working on the development and application of advanced TEM characterization techniques focusing on nanotechnologies.

KANCF Facility welcomes classes, research groups and public for arranged demonstrations and lab tours. SEM/FIB and TEM training is available for small groups or individual users on an as needed basis.