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Professor James Alan Fox Ph. D. Books

Professor Fox has published eighteen books, primarilly on the topics of homicide and quantitative methods and statistics. These publications (with links to include the following titles:

James Alan Fox and Jack Levin,
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder.
Sage Publications, Fourth Edition, 2018.
James Alan Fox, Jack Levin and Kenna Quinet, br> The Will to Kill: Explaining Senseless Murder.
Sage Publications, Fifth Edition, 2018.
James Alan Fox, Randomized Response and Related Methods: Surveying Sensitive Data,, Second Edition, Sage Publications, 2015.
 James Alan Fox and Harvey Burstein br> Violence and Security on Campus:
From Preschool through College
.. Praeger, 2010.
James Alan Fox & Jack Levin, Killer on Campus:
The Gainesville Student Murders
.. Avon Books, 1996.
James Alan Fox & Jack Levin, Overkill: Mass Murder and Serial Killing Exposed. Plenum Press, 1994; paperback edition, Dell Books, 1996;
Japanese translation, 1996.
Jack Levin & James Alan Fox, Mass Murder: America's Growing Menace.
Plenum Press, New York, 1985. Berkley Books paperback edition, 1991.
Jack Levin & James Alan Fox, Dead Lines: Essays in Murder and Mayhem.
Allyn & Bacon, 2001.
James Alan Fox & Jack Levin, How to Work with the Media: A Survival Guide for Scholars. Sage, 1993.

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