I am currently a teaching professor in the Writing Program at Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. My teaching and research grow out of my experiences in Taiwan, where I worked for 16 years before coming to Northeastern. I write about US-Taiwan intercultural relations and the rhetorical representations of self and other in intercultural contexts. My research investigates writing and the teaching of writing in the complex contexts created by globalization.

Since coming to Northeastern in 2011, I have been teaching first-year writing and advanced writing in the disciplines in the Writing Program, as well as travel writing in the Department of English. Working mostly with international and multilingual students, I’m interested in finding ways to empower them to see their multiple languages and cultures as resources to draw on in their writing and in their interactions with others in the university.

I’ve recently written two introductions to new editions of Cold War-era American books about Taiwan:

The image above was taken from the roof of the Humanities Building at Tunghai University in 2008.