The International Self-Report Delinquency Study

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The International Self-Report Delinquency Study (ISRD) is a large, international, collaborative study of victimization and delinquency among adolescents. Pioneered by Dutch criminologist Josine Junger-Tas, the project is built on three strengths. First, it uses the self-report survey method, which has long been considered a more valid and reliable measure of offending and victimization than official data, and one which also enables the exploration of theoretically relevant variables. Second, it uses a standardized survey instrument and sampling frame in a multinational data collection exercise that allows the study of similarities and differences between countries, and tests of theories in varied social, economic, political and cultural settings. Third, the ISRD is an ongoing project, currently beginning its fourth sweep (ISRD4), allowing patterns of offending and victimization to be tracked over time.

ISRD is a school-based survey, with data collected through self-completed questionnaires administered in the classroom. Surveys have been collected at irregular intervals: ISRD1 (1991-1992), ISRD2 (2006-2008), ISRD3 (2012-2019), and ISRD4 (2020-2022), but will continue with 5-year intervals. ISRD4 supplements the classroom-based survey of 13 to 17 year olds with an internet-based sample of 16-17 year olds.

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