SEATTLE, WA. – Qifei (Rose) Lu, a former Northeastern University Seattle campus student, works at the Facebook offices in Seattle, Washington on November 28, 2018. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

SEATTLE – She was leading her guests on a tour of Facebook. The cafeteria and its neighboring amphitheater. The snack stand. The espresso bar. The common work stations, the outdoor balconies overlooking Lake Union, the foosball and ping-pong tables of the social media giant’s headquarters.

Facebook is at the center of a global privacy crisis. For Rose, however, the controversies of data-sharing and election-rigging have been more than offset by the feelings of empowerment she experiences each day at work. After graduating from Northeastern-Seattle last year, Facebook has provided her with a sense of home.

For most of her upbringing in Shanghai, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in management information systems, Rose wasn’t sure what she wanted to be or even where she wanted to go. When she settled on pursuing a master’s in information systems at Northeastern-Seattle, her parents didn’t want to see their only child move so far away.

Photos by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

“Everyone wants a comfortable thing,” she said. “But when you step out of your comfortable zone, you will find a new world. I think it’s much easier for young people to do that. Instead of after 10 years, if I chose to go to a new place and do that, it would be more difficult I think.”

She was drawn to Northeastern-Seattle in 2016 in no small part because so many tech giants are based around the campus. Within a year, she was interning at Amazon.

In his new book, The Formula, Northeastern network scientist Albert-László Barabási refers repeatedly to natural networkers who recognize how to increase their value socially. Rose appears to be one of those engagers, infusing groups with her energy while devoting herself to end goals. Read More here….

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