IPL Location

IPL occupies 3rd floor of Churchill Hall (CH) and consists of 7 Lab Rooms (309-319CH). The IPL Office is located in 323CH. Near the door of each lab room there is an electronic display that shows a photo of the current Teaching Assistant (TA) as well as the CRN and course number associated with the specific experiment being performed in that room. Your class will not always take place in the same room, so please always check the electronic display to make sure it corresponds to your specific class and your TA.

The Physics Workshop, a free walk-in tutoring service, is located in classrooms next to IPL Office (321CH or 325CH).

The laboratory has an informal atmosphere and we hope you enjoy the things we ask you to do. Your TA is your prime point of contact and you can communicate with him/her using the electronic Blackboard tools, regular email, or during office hours. However, feel free to drop by the IPL Office or contact one of the laboratory directors by email if your TA cannot help you with any lab-related problems.