Thanks for joining us to create these events. Here are the pictures that capture our moments:


2020 Fall Incoming Student Webinar

Co-op Networking Event

MATLAB Introductory Workshop

Supply chain in BOSE Seminar

Object-Oriented Design Workshop

Maching Learning Technology And Trends In Spotify Event

Coffee and Cookies Event


AMPL Optimization in Industry Tales from inside the Fortune 500

Operations Research and Analytics at American Airlines

Kick-Start Learning of Python

ORISE Co-op Introduction Webinar

Interview and Network Seminar

Co-op Panel Discussion

Machine Learning To Address Hospital Capacity

Kick-Off Meeting Fall 2019


Human-Robot interaction

Webinar with Aaron Burciaga

Big Data Advanced Analytics using Microsoft Azure

Co-op Panel Session

Fall Fest

Anomaly Detection with Deep Learning

INFORMS Leadership Conference

Uplift Modeling for Driving Incremental Revenue by Display Remarketing

Data Visualization Hackathon

Healthcare Analytics and Policy: A Practitioner’s Guide

Deep Learning with Python

Video Seminar with UniTrends’ Operations Analyst

Data Visualization using Tableau

Connect with USPS

Spring Kick-Off Meeting

Winter Fest


Lecture : The Ingredients to Make Analytics Work by Dr. Rina Schneur

Machine Learning with Python : Session 5 (Random Forest)

Machine Learning with Python: Session 4 (Decision Trees)

Machine Learning with Python: Session 3 (Support Vector Machine)

Machine Learning with Python: Session 2 (Naïve Bayes)

Machine Learning with Python: Session 1(Linear Regression)

INFORMS Officers Election 2017

An Introduction to Python

Kick-off Meeting Fall 2017

Fall Fest’17 INFORMS Student Chapter at NEU

Can we Optimize how we Solve Optimization Problems

Informs Student Leadership Conference

Spring End of Semester Party

Gurobi Optimization Tutorial

An Introduction to Network Science

Advanced R Programming

Alumni Panel Session 

Malaria Intervention Game

Spring Kick-off Meeting



End of Semester Party

Applying Spark Machine Learning in Gaming Sector

Co-op Opportunities

Panel Discussion

Meeting with IE Faculty


Research Seminar

Kick-off Meeting