A symposium on the experience of information and materiality of data

Indexical Design

The symposium explores the physical trace and its role for making sense of the world. We will investigate the different scientific, aesthetic, and rhetoric techniques for making traces “speak.”

Organized by the

MFA program in Information Design
and Visualization

June 25, 2016

Fenway Center

Northeastern University

77 St. Stephen Street

Boston, MA


Curated by

Dietmar Offenhuber


Pedro Cruz, Tom Starr


Dep. Art+Design: Judy Ulman, Zohreh Firouzabadian, Chris Franson, Alison Kelly, Eric O Patoine; Faculty: Doug Scott, Ann McDonald, Kristian Kloeckl, Tom Starr, Pedro Cruz, Nathan Felde

Northeastern Center for the Arts: Bree Edwards, Tom Vannatter, Terri Evans, Daniel Lim

Student volunteers: Aldo Viramontes, Armin Akhavan, Lia Petronio, Navarjun Grewal, Ryan Morrill, Andrew Tang, Kim McDevitt, Jinni Luo, Irene De La Torre, Jessie Richards, Maaria Assami

Special thanks to Mary Sherman

With generous support by

Goethe Institute: Christoph Mücher, Annette Klein

Swissnex: Cecile Vulliemin, Arthur Emery