Videos of talks

Talks I gave at MSRI (on W-algebras in 2008 and on Procesi bundles in 2013).

Three introductory lectures on W-algebras I gave at the Issac Newton Institute in 2009 are available here, here and here. Two other lectures given on W-algebra at the Newton institute are here and here.

Lectures on W-algebras that I gave at the Weizmann institute in March 2013.

Here are videos of lectures for students that I gave at the summer school "Modern mathematics" in 2012 (in Russian).

This page contains a video recording of my talk at the IUM Globus seminar in May 2013. The talk is on a connection of everything to everything else (in Russian).

The video of a talk at the Quiver varieties workshop, October 2013.

Here and here are videos of my two lectures on the n! theorem at the graduate workshop on Hilbert schemes, November 2013.

Here are videos of three lectures I gave at the summer school on Geometric representation theory in Kyoto, July 2014. Here is the video of my talk on the representation theory of quantized Gieseker moduli spaces in the conference following the school.

Videos from the masterclass in Aarhus on quantized quiver varieties.