Events for 2017 I (co)organize or I attend. Similar lists for 2013-2014, 2015 and 2016 can be found here and here and here.

Feb 1-Feb 4: I visit Raphael Rouquier at UCLA.

Feb 15-Feb 18: I visit Ben Elias and Vitya Ostrik at University of Oregon.

Pramod Achar have given a series of lectures in the week of Feb 20-24. Here are the details.

Mar 3-Mar 10: I visit Jun Hu at Zhejiang University and give a series of lectures there.

Mar 27-Apr 1: I visit Chebyshev laboratory in St. Petersburg and give a series of lectures there.

Apr 18-May 1: I visit HSE, Moscow, and give a series of lectures on the representation theory of Rational Cherednik algebras and other notable objects. Here is the webpage of this course.

Jul 3-7: I'm giving a series of lectures in the summer school in Dijon, France.

Jul 19-Jul 25: I lecture in the Summer school "Modern Mathematics" in Dubna, Russia.

Aug 21-Aug 25: I speak at "Interactions between Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry" at U. Chicago.

Nov 4-5: Together with Pavel Etingof, I organize a special session on Rational Cherednik algebras and Categorification at the UC Riverside AMS meeting.

Dec 10-Dec 20: I visit HSE and IUM, Moscow, and, in particular, coorganize conference "Transformation groups 2017".