Geometry, Physics and Representation theory seminar

For Spring 2016 schedule see here.

The seminar meets weekly, on Wednesdays, 12-1pm, in 509 Lake.

The organizers for Fall 2015 are Nate Bottman, Ivan Losev, Emanuele Macri, Alina Marian, Valerio Toledano Laredo and Jonathan Weitsman.

Here is the seminar page from Spring 2015.

Sept 17, 1.45-2.45& 3-4 in 509LA (note unusual day and time!): Hiro Tanaka, Harvard.

Bridgeland stability conditions as related to the Ran space, and to 2-Segal spaces (1st talk, 1.45-2.45)

Lagrangian cobordisms and Fukaya categories (2nd talk, 3-4).

Announcement with abstracts of both talks.

Sept 23: Benjamin Bakker, Humboldt U. Berlin.

The Kodaira dimension of complex hyperbolic manifolds, announcement with abstract.

Sept 30: Zhengwei Liu, Harvard

Knots, subfactors and quantum groups, announcement with abstract.

Oct 7: Robin Walters, NEU.

The Bernstein-Sato polynomial of the Vandermonde determinant and the Strong Monodromy Conjecture, announcement with abstract.

Oct 14: Mboyo Esole, Harvard.

Hyperplane arrangements and five-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories, announcement with abstract.

Oct 21: Yi Sun, MIT.

Traces of intertwiners for quantum affine sl_2 and Felder-Varchenko functions, announcement with abstract.

Oct 29 (note unusual day), 12-1: Emmy Murphy, MIT.

Construction of locally conformal symplectic structures, announcement with abstract.

Nov 4, 12-1: Andrei Caldararu, U. Wisconsin (Madison).

Morse theory and exponential functions in positive characteristic, announcement with abstract.

Nov 5 (note unusual day), 12-1: Justin Hilburn, U. Oregon.

GKZ-Hypergeometric Systems and Twisted Projective Modules in Hypertoric Category O, announcement with abstract.

Nov 16, 3-4, 544 NI (note unusual day, time and location): Tudor Dimofte, Perimeter Institute.

Symplectic duality and 3d gauge theory, announcement with abstract.

Nov 18: Nate Harman, MIT.

Modular representations of the symmetric group S_t, where t is a p-adic integer, announcement with abstract.

Dec 2: Netanel Blaier, MIT.

A symplectic analogue of the Johnson homomorphism coming from quantum Massey products, announcement with abstract.

Dec 9: Jim Halverson, NEU.

Connecting Gauge Sectors and Moduli Spaces of Elliptic Fibrations, announcement with abstract