Graduate seminar on Double Affine Hecke algebras and Elliptic Hall algebras, Spring 2017

Running weekly on Tuesdays alternating between MIT and Northeastern:

MIT, (4-7pm w. pizza break), 2-139.

NEU, (4.30-7pm w. pizza break), Snell Library 119 (Snell Library is building 59 here, you need the entrance to level 1 classrooms not the main entrance).

Organized by Roman Bezrukavnikov, Pavel Etingof, Andrei Negut (MIT), and Ivan Losev, Valerio Toledano Laredo (NEU).

Pavel Etingof is a Boss (assisted by his fellow mushrooms)!

Here is a preliminary list of topics.
1) Seth Shelley-Abrahamson: Reminder on finite/affine Hecke algebras.
2) Jose Simental: DAHA (definition, structure theory, spherical DAHA, rep. theory, degenerations and their connections to integrable systems).
3) Chris Ryba: DAHA, Macdonald-Ruijenhaars system and Macdonald polynomials.
4) Mitya Matveevskiy: EHA by generators and relations.
5) Lesha Pakharev: Coherent sheaves, HN filtrations and SL_2(Z)-action.
6) Tudor Padurariu: Hall algebras.
7) Borya Tsvelikhovsky: Shuffle algebras.

Feb 7, MIT, 2-139, 4-7pm: Seth speaks on topic 1, complete notes.
Feb 14, NEU, Snell 119, 4.30-7pm: Seth finishes and Jose starts on topic 2.
Feb 21, MIT, 2-139, 4-7pm: Jose continues
Feb 28, NEU, Snell 119, 4.30-7pm: Jose finishes, complete notes, and Chris starts.
Mar 3, MIT, 5-7pm, location: Chris continues on topic 3, complete notes.
Mar 7, no seminar, NEU spring break.
Mar 14, MIT, 2-139, 4-7pm: Cancelled due to a snow storm.
Mar 17, MIT 2-361, 5-7.30pm: Prof. Negut himself will bridge DAHA's and EHA's, notes.
Mar 21, NEU, Snell 119, 4.30-7pm: Mitya starts.
Mar 24, MIT, 2-361, 5-7.30pm: Mitya continues, notes.
Apr 7, MIT, 2-361, 5-7.30pm: Lesha starts (note that Tuesday, Apr 4 meeting is CANCELLED), notes.
Apr 11, NEU, Snell 119, 4.30-7pm: Tudor starts.
Apr 18, NEU, Snell 119, 4.30-7pm: Tudor continues, complete notes. Jose's defense at 2.30pm, 509 Lake, is also of interest!
Apr 25: MIT, 2-139, 5.30-8pm: Borya starts and finishes, notes.