STEM Outreach

Our STEM Outreach Group focuses on engaging the next generation with STEM activities that relate to biomedical and health issues. We put emphasis on inspiring the young to be passionate about helping others in need.

    • Involve Boston area students in STEM activities and educate about global health
    • Participate in STEM fairs in and around Boston
    • Engineering for Everyone Expo
      • Boston Public Schools Science and Engineering Fair
    • Engineering Mini Fair
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute TouchTomorrow Expo
  • Develop classroom curriculum to teach high schoolers principles behind EKGs and raise awareness of global health issues
    • Northeastern Bioengineering Summer Immersion Program


DIY Microscope

Our chapter had the opportunity to attend a few expos and fairs and demonstrate a tabletop activity where participants were able to put together their own simple microscope which takes advantage of the phones camera and a focusing/magnifying lens. Participants were then able to test this microscope with cells from the heart, lung, liver, etc….

EKG 101

As part of Northeastern University’s Bioengineering Summer Immersion program, a two day program was constructed to introduce local High School students into circuits, and specifically into EKG’s.

During the first day of the program, the students were given a lecture on the basics of circuits, how EKG’s work, why they’re used, etc.

During the second day, the students put together partially made EKG kits and took their own signal.