Lessons from a pencil

1. The pencil teaches you that what is inside is more important than what is outside – in other words, that the soul is more important than the body. When we have a pencil we value the graphite at its center much more than the dead wood that surrounds it. Never forget that you are an eternal soul inhabiting a temporary body, just as the graphite and the message it can create inhabit the wood. 

2. Whenever you make a mistake correct it immediately. Every good pencil has an eraser at the end. Whenever one makes a mistake with one end of the pencil one can immediately erase it with the other end. Learn from the pencil that it is not dishonorable to correct mistakes. No, correcting your mistakes is actually your duty. It should be done as soon as you notice the mistake. Truthfully, it is not only a duty to correct our own mistakes but an honor.

3. Stop from time to time to sharpen your tools, meaning your mind, body, and spirit. Just as a pencil needs to be sharpened, so we need to sharpen ourselves by spiritual practice. Only then can we become one-pointed enough to give full attention to the Lord. 

4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Learn to make your own contribution in life with joy. Each pencil has its particular line to draw. This line become words – specific words – and these words form a unique story – your story. Never be afraid to draw your specific line, to follow your unique occupational duty (as instructed by your spiritual guide).

5. You may do big things in life, but never forget the hand that guides you. Just as the pencil is never proud, thinking how it has written a book, so we should always give credit to God and strive to become  humble and willing instruments by surrendering to God’s plan.