Someone may be very active in spiritual matters, but may have no feelings in the heart, or may have apathy. In spiritual life, one may be engaged in some kind of activity without any real taste for that activity, or one may be doing it in a mechanical fashion. One is not doing it with care and attention, or with feelings.

There is an antidote to this problem of apathy, and that is cultivating gratitude. We receive so much from God. We receive our life, that which sustains our life, food that we eat, air that we breathe, and so on. One can just push on, not taking into consideration any feelings of gratitude. If there is some acknowledgement for the wonderful gifts that God has given, then those feelings of gratitude will impel one to serve God.

When you have feelings of gratitude, you should express it. You say it, you do it and you live it – living a life of gratitude! A life of devotion is a life of gratitude. On the other side, apathy is carelessness or callousness.