Become the master of your senses

We live in a world of matter, which is governed by the laws of material world. Matter is fundamentally made up of solids (earth), liquids (water), gases (air), plasma (fire) and space (ether). The laws can be gross or subtle in nature. The gross laws consist of the laws of physics we study in schools. However, the subtle laws are tenuous by nature but are acting on us without our full cognizance of their existence. An example of gross laws is the third law of motion, which posits that every force has an equal and opposite reaction. The law of karma, a subtle extension of this gross law, states that every action has a corresponding good or bad reaction. If we become aware of the subtle laws, we would learn to lead our life with a greater sense of responsibility.

God has two forms of energy: Inferior energy and Superior energy. The material nature governing both the gross and subtle laws of this material world belongs to the inferior energy, while the living entities, the parts and parcels of God belong to the superior energy of God. The living entities are superior to material energy because of possessing consciousness which is absent in matter.

The material energy of God binds and controls us precisely through our desire to enjoy and exploit her. When we try to control the material energy of God, we become the slave of our senses. When we try to become a servant of God, we become the master of our senses. So, no matter how much we declare and celebrate independence, we remain slave of our senses as long as we have a tendency to exploit the material energy of God.