Author: Emma Farman


The First Year of Huskiana: Part Two

Jack Nolan and Minotaur I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with rising senior Jack Nolan (he/him) to discuss his handmade booklet entitled Minotaur. We discussed the difficulties and surprises he encountered using the press for this unique project, and his interest in letter press and tactile creating...


The First Year of Huskiana: Part One

Isabella Viega and Rabbit Soup / Forest Elegies This article will be the first in a series showcasing the amazing work that has been created using the Huskiana Printing Press in its first year up and running at Northeastern University. I had the opportunity to speak with Northeastern alumni Isabella...


Recreating Historical Font from WPA Posters at the Huskiana Press

In Spring of 2020, I joined the team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in the Letterpress Goes 3D project. This multi-faceted project set out with the goal of recreating historical image blocks, moveable type, and printing plates as well as original material creations of digital fonts and images for...