Northeastern University is situated on Huntington Avenue in downtown Boston, in close proximity to historical and modern amenities, as well as a number of excellent hotels and restaurants. While ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous, Boston’s public transportation service, known as the T, is also efficient and quite inexpensive. An organizer-curated selection of hotels, transportation options, restaurants, and outings are below.



Garage parking is available in the Renaissance Garage or the Gainsborough Garage.


The T is run by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which provides all T maps and schedules. In practice, locals often use Google Maps for T directions, which are accurate both for routes and timing.

T stops near Northeastern include:

Relevant downtown T stops include:

Uber and Lyft drivers are typically available for pickup within five minutes, providing an alternative to the T.


A selection of restaurants near Northeastern for dinner include:

While some of the above are suitable for lunch as well, some quicker options include:

Additional options can be found on Huntingtown Avenue, in the directions of Massachusetts Avenue.


Though our workshop is short and the days will be busy, natural outings for the interested participant include: