Elham Ghabbour

Elham Ghabbour
Phone: 617.373.7988
Fax: 617.373.8795
E-mail: e.ghabbour@neu.edu

Principal Research Scientist
Department Chemistry & Chemical Biology,
Northeastern University,
Boston, MA 02115


University Degrees
Ph.D. (1995) Environmental Science, Alexandria University

Research Interests
The biotechnology of soil and water decontamination.

Research Description

  • Isolation, purification, identification and characterization of natural organic matter especially, humic acids. Establishment of standards and cross comparison of HAs from different sources.
  • Analysis and bioremediation of contaminated soil and water.
  • Thermodynamics and mechanisms of solute adsorption and metal binding by solid natural organic matter, especially humic acids, using XAFS, ICP-MS and NMR technology, SEM, TEM, XRD, FTIR, UV-vis, SEC and modeling.
  • Thermodynamics and mechanisms of the humic substance-clay/mineral-water interface.
  • Properties of humic acids aerogels.

Professional Societies
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
President of Alpha Nu Chapter, Phi Beta Delta Honor Society
American Chemical Society

Egyptian Environmental Friends Society
International Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements Society

International Humic Substances Society, chap. coordinator
International Soil Science Society

International XAFS Society
Sigma Xi
Soil Science Society of America
Who’s Who in America, 58th Edn. (2003)

Other Activities
Co-Chair, Annual Humic Science & Technology Conferences, Northeastern University, 1998-present
Planner and Co-Chair, International Humic Substances Society 11th Biennial Conference at Northeastern University, 2002

Edited Proceedings of Humic Substances Seminars (ISBN 0 85404 704 2 (1998); ISBN 0 85404 799 9 (1999); ISBN 0 85404 855 3 (2000), and ISBN 0 85404 811 1 (2001)), published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, and (2004), ISBN: 1-59169-015-3 and (2005), ISBN: 1-59169-031-5 published by Taylor & Francis, New York.

25 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles; 23 Books and Book Chapters and 79 Conference Proceedings, Presentations and Others.

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    Dr. Elham Ghabbour
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    Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
    Northeastern University
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