Advancing Methodology for Social Science Research Using Alternate Reality Games: Proof-of-Concept Through Measuring Individual Differences and Adaptability and their impact on Team Performance


This project aims to the use a custom-built Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to assess the influence of individual differences on adaptability and teamwork in a digital gaming settings. It has three aims: To develop ARG-based quantitative computational measures that can assess adaptability and performance based on game data, to develop self-report measures that can characterize and measure adaptation processes and behaviours in a mixed-method way, and to validate all behaviour and adaptation measures resulting from this study in the real world.


Members of the Project:

Casper Harteveld, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Paul Fombelle, Paola Rizzo, Huy Nguyen, Dylan Schouten, Sam Liberty, Wade Kimbrough, Erica Kleinman, Abdelrahman Madkour, Chaima Jemmali, Nithesh Javvaji

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