Fall Experiment: Abstract and Story-Based Games

This fall, we are running our more formal experiments with our games and stories.  In the next series of posts, we will share more detailed designs of our three games and give a brief explanation of the computer science concepts they aim to teach.  We will also share some of the preliminary results from playing […]

Analyzing Story in Existing STEM Games

One of the preliminary steps in our game design process was conducting an analysis of existing games intended to teach some aspect of computer science or another STEM topic. We started with a set of computer science-related games that we had identified for an earlier analysis (Harteveld et al., 2014) and added other games through an […]

Introducing our Project Blog

Welcome to “StoryTeach,” the tentative nickname we’ve given to this component of Gram’s House. Our project officially launched in September 2014, when we received our funding from the National Science Foundation. We hope to use this blog as a means of reporting on our activities, sharing our design work and research findings, and reflecting on […]