Teaching and Outreach


CHME 2310 Transport Processes 1: Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012

CHME 5699-01 Special Topics: Bioanalytical Sensors: Spring 2012


The lab group with Young Scholars Program (YSP) and Research Experience for Teachers (RET) participants: Summer 2012

Left to Right: Susruthi (YSP), Wenzheng (YSP), Rich, Pegah, Jens (RET), Ed, Ann (RET), Thad, Nil.

Pope John Paul II Catholic Grade School (Chicago, IL): Winter 2012
Prof. Goluch visiting his grade school.
Speaking about his career experiences with junior high students.
Prof. Goluch with his 7th grade teacher Ms. Teta.

Young Scholars Program: Summer 2011

Participants from 2011 Aditya Shankar and Jungbin Lim.
Building Bridges Program: Spring 2011, Fall 2011
Explaining polymers to visiting high school students.
Science Fair Judge
  • Boston Public School Citywide Science Fair 2011
  • Kennedy Academy for Health Careers 2012