Older News

2015 News

11/8: The Goluch Group presented their work at AIChE 2015 in Salt Lake City with 3 oral presentations!

 The Goluch Group presented their work at SciX 2015 in Providence with 3 oral presentations!

 Read about our research aimed at combating bacterial antibiotic resistance! ChemistryWorld

Ed named an Emerging Investigator by Analytical Methods.
5/19: The Goluch Group has received a NSF I-Corps Grant to investigate the commercialization potential of our electrochemical sensor technology for pathogen detection! More information is available here.
4/26: Ed received the Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry Division Young Professional Travel Award for ECS 227 in Chicago. Come see Ed present our latest electrochemical sensor results.

2014 News

12/3: Congratulations to Dr. Thaddaeus A. Webster, first PhD from the Goluch Group!
11/10: Congrats to Pegah for her publication in Analytical Methods.
10/17: The Goluch Group will be presenting their work at BMES (2 talks) and microTAS 2014 (4 posters) in San Antonio at the end of October.
10/6: Ed is presenting the latest results from the Goluch Group in Asia this week. National Tsing Hua University Department of Power Mechanical Engineering in Taiwan on 10/6; 2nd Annual Single Cell Genomics & Transcriptomics Asia Congress in Singapore on 10/8; at A*STAR Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences on 10/9; and Nanyang Technical University School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering on 10/10.
9/23: Come see Ed present at Michigan on 9/25 or Michigan State on 9/26, or Thad at SciX 2014 in Reno.
8/1: Our bacterial sensors are featured in a new book about innovative product design: Material Innovation: Product Design.
7/15: Our Analyst article is being featured as a Hot Article by the journal.
6/30: Congrats to Nil for her publication in PLoS ONE.
6/23: We have a new publication in the Analyst.
5/19: The Goluch Group has been awarded a new 3 year grant for $770k by the NSF to work with the Epstein Lab to develop and optimize micro/nano-fabricated devices that automatically isolate and cultivate new microbial species from the environment. More information is available here.
4/29: Ed is presenting at Boston University on 5/2 and at the Bioanalytical Sensors Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 5/22.
4/27: Congrats to Nil for getting honorable mention for her paper at NEBEC 2014!
3/24: Our work is mentioned in the latest issue of the Rotarian magazine.
3/6: We have a new paper in Biomicrofluidics describing SPRi for studying biofilms.
3/1: Come see the Goluch Group present their work at PittCon 2014 in Chicago.
2/8: Check out our new review paper on SPR for cellular analysis in Analytical Chemistry.

2013 News

12/13: Congratulations to Nil and Pegah for passing their PhD Thesis proposals to become PhD Candidates!

8/29: Come see the Goluch Group present their work this fall at BMES 2013 in Seattle and AIChE 2013 in San Francisco. Dr. Goluch will give an invited talk at the CCNY Department of Chemical Engineering on 9/16 and UIC Department of Bioengineering on 10/4.

7/15: Dr. Goluch will give a plenary talk at ITNANO 2013 July 26-28, 2013

6/20: Available now is Volume 3, Issue 1 of Nano LIFE, edited by Dr. Goluch with Dr. Hall from UNCG. Appearing in the issue is Thad and Hunter’s paper on Amperometric Detection of Pyocyanin.

3/25: Our electro-chemical sensor work is described in a story in Fast Company Magazine.

3/15: Together with Veronica Godoy-Carter and Yunrong Chai, we have received funding from Northeastern University for a Tier 1 Interdisciplinary Seed Project entitled “Exploring the Link Between Bacterial DNA Damage Response and Biofilm Disassembly.”

2012 News

12/13: Our electro-chemical sensor work is highlighted in Northeastern News.

10/16: Welcome to the group Hunter!

10/11: First refereed journal article accepted. Congratulations Thad for your publication in Lab-on-a-Chip! Read it here.

7/25: This summer, the Young Scholars Program students working in the Goluch Group were once again featured on the Northeastern news site.

6/23: Our abstract “Real-Time Detection of Bacterial Biofilm Growth using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging,” was accepted for a poster presentation at microTAS 2012 in Okinawa, Japan.

3/1: The research group is profiled in the February issue of NU Science Magazine: http://bit.ly/vZIuS4

1/10: Welcome to the group Nil (Chemical Engineering) and Pegah (Bioengineering)!

2011 News

8/15: The Goluch Group has received its first federal grant! The NSF has funded our proposal entitled “BRIGE: Microfabricated bacterial environments with integrated nanofluidic electrochemical sensors for systems biology applications.” We will use this funding to develop a system that electrochemically detects molecules excreted by individual bacterial cells, which are involved in cellular communication, and to develop modules with teachers that will introduce students to the microscopic world and encourage them to pursue degrees in STEM fields. More information can be found here.

8/3: Thanks to Jungbin and Aditya for their hard work in the lab during the last 6 weeks as part of the Northeastern University Young Scholars Program!

8/8: Featured story on the main Northeastern University website with a quote from Aditya. Click here.

7/29: The Goluch Group provided a demonstration about the chemical engineering profession for several high school students as part of the National Urban League Youth STEM Summit. Click here for the Northeastern News clip.
6/14: Congratulations to Jorel for receiving a Provost Undergraduate Research Award to fund your project!
5/20: Building Bridges Outreach Program. 20 high school students came to learn about chemical engineering. Some pictures can be found here.
5/5: We are part of a team lead by April Gu that received funding for a Northeastern University Tier 1 Interdisciplinary Seed Project entitled Water Quality Improvement: Self-Powered Hydrogen Production, Donor Delivery and Monitoring System for Bio-Remediation.
3/12: Congratulations to Anthony on receiving a Provost Undergraduate Research Award!