Center for Health Policy and Law Annual Conference: Promises and Perils of Emerging Health Innovations

Throughout the two-day conference, interdisciplinary experts, policymakers, academics, and providers will attempt to answer myriad questions, including: What are the legal, policy, and ethical considerations regarding new health technologies? New forms of organization? What safety and privacy issues will arise from new health technologies? What protections can we put into place to protect privacy as the market changes and technologies evolve?
April 11-12, 2019

Global Health Innovation Summit

Engineering World Health, in collaboration with other student organizations, is organizing a day-long innovation summit in April 2019 to encourage interdisciplinary education and innovation to develop holistic solutions to issues in global health
April 6, 2019

Seminar on Research, Leadership, and Innovation 2019: Neglected No More, Fighting The Scourge of Visceral Leishmaniasis

Why haven’t you heard of visceral leishmaniasis, which infects 300,000 people annually, causing 20,000 deaths and disfigures and impoverishes tens of thousands more? Because it is a neglected tropical disease, a seemingly distant threat to the power centers of global drug discovery and philanthropy. Richard Wamai, co-founder of the Integrated Initiative for Global Health at Northeastern, aims to change that. Professor Wamai will speak about this ongoing research on leishmaniasis, and the need for an interdisciplinary, integrative approach to pressing problems in global health.
February 21, 2019