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Role description

Generate Build Studio Engineers work on individual project teams on the Build Studio and directly contribute to the completion of high-quality, professional work for Generate Clients. Build Studio Engineers communicate directly with Project Leads. They are also in contact with Build Studio Directors and Generate Clients during the semester.

Build Studio Engineers support their team in their specific areas of technical development, using their expertise and skills to complete high-quality work. They incorporate concepts of entrepreneurial engineering into their work based on guidance from the Project Lead within their strategy for project completion and limitations identified by the Generate Client.

Time commitment

This is a semester-long position, beginning and ending with the start and end of the Northeastern academic calendar.

Interest Survey

This survey is intended for you to express interest in being a member of the Generate Build Studio team for next semester. Filling this out ensures that you will be notified as soon as applications go live, and you’ll be updated on all things Generate for the rest of the semester! For any questions about the recruitment process, please email us at