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Applications for Build Studio and other teams of the Fall Semester are currently closed, but Clients can apply now!

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Applications are now open for the Spring semester. Apply now!

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Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for leading all teams and ensuring the development of all in the organization. Led by the Executive Director, our management team is a group of people who know their stuff and use it to push the organization forward. Management applications are currently closed.

Operations Director

Take the lead in ensuring everything runs smoothly.


Marketing and Events Director

Lead the team that spreads the word.


Hardware Director

Guide and manage all of Generate’s hardware engineering.


Software Director

Ensure the quality of Generate’s software projects.


Branding Director

Direct the people that make everything look good.


Build Studio

The Build Studio is our premier program, focused on completing real product development work for real clients. You will work on a team of engineers and designers to further the products of Northeastern University-affiliated businesses. Applications are now closed.

Chief Designer

Guide design for all software projects.


Build Studio Designer

Help us make our projects beautiful.


Operations Team

The Operations team is made up of people from many different disciplines, working together to make sure Generate is able to function daily, and in the long run. Members of this team are tasked with keeping the tools of the space in order, managing the budget, and ensuring that all Build Studio members have a clean and functioning environment to get things done. Applications are now closed.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team brings in industry speakers, creates digital content, and promotes the Generate name and brand. The team is responsible for everything from the website content to social media to recruiting new members. Applications are now closed.

Branding Team

The Branding Team is responsible for generating all of the assets required for events, collateral, and other creative endeavors. Applications are now closed.