We are Generate

Our mission statement

We educate Northeastern students about product development and support Northeastern ventures with all of their product development needs. We are cultivating a product development community where tech-minded people thrive.

What do our members do?

We're a team of dedicated engineers and designers working with real startups on real products. We are here to support entrepreneurs from all backgrounds with their product development needs. As a build studio team member, you'll be placed on a team with five to seven other engineers and a project lead. Over the course of the semester, your team will collaborate to bring your client's vision to life.

Our Process

Generate’s product development cycle is a roadmap to guide any product’s lifetime. Though each product’s journey is unique and often challenging, our reliable framework can bring your vision to life.

Meet the Teams

Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for leading all teams and ensuring the development of all in the organization. Led by the Executive Director, our management team is a group of people who know their stuff and use it to push the organization forward.

Build Studio

Generate Build Studio Engineers work on individual project teams on the Build Studio and directly contribute to the completion of high-quality, professional work for Generate Clients. Build Studio Engineers support their team in their specific areas of technical development, using their expertise and skills to complete high-quality work.

Operations Team

The Operations team is made up of people from many different disciplines, working together to make sure Generate is able to function daily, and in the long run. Members of this team are tasked with keeping the tools of the space in order, managing the budget, and ensuring that all Build Studio members have a clean and functioning environment to get things done.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team brings in industry speakers, creates digital content, and promotes the Generate name and brand. The team is responsible for everything from the website content to social media to recruiting new members.

Branding Team

The Branding team is the driving force behind developing Generate’s brand. Team members work with the Branding Director to create all forms of collateral and media to provide Generate with a recognizable look and feel, and perpetuate Generate's influence in the entrepreneurial/engineering community at Northeastern.

Where we’ve worked

Our members take the experience they learn with us and are able to take it with them to a some awesome companies!