Welcome back to Fall Semester! The Northeastern University Game Development Club will be holding meetings Thursdays at 7 PM in West Village G 106 starting September 10th. For more information on individual meetings, and to be sure not to miss out on any, add our Calendar to your schedule! We’re in the process of scheduling industry speakers, development workshops, and more useful events to help get you making games.

As you’ll notice, we’ve got an exciting event planned for the day before classes officially begin. From 10 AM to 5 PM on Tuesday, September 8th in West Village H 108, we will be hosting a MicroGame Jam! During this seven-hour event, participants will be given a secret theme to make a game that you can win or lose in 5-10 seconds around. We will be putting the games together into a minigame-style wrapper at the end, so that players can play all the games in one place. Get back into the swing of game design at this fun and friendly event! We hope to see you there! As usual for our events, all students are welcome, no matter what their majors or experience levels are.

Important Note: We will be using the Unity engine for this jam, so that all the games made can be combined in the wrapper. Thus, be sure to download Unity before the event! We have a Git repository with the sample game file for download here.

See you at the MicroGame Jam, and at our meetings this semester on Thursdays!