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9/10/19: First Meeting

Hi All!

It’s Tuesday, September the 10th, and tonight is the first meeting of the 2019 Northeastern Game Dev Club! As you can see, the website is a little outdated and sparse, as it hasn’t been used much for the last couple of years. We want to bring it back as an additional resource both for club members and people who want to find out more about the club, so we’ll be continuing to update and tinker with it as the semester goes on.

Hope to see a bunch of people at tonight’s meeting!

Week of November 13

On Wednesday’s meeting we’ll be doing a show-and-tell.  Five people will bring games that they find interesting and we will talk about them as a group for about ten minutes each.

Thursday is a normal work session.

Week of November 6

This week, Ryan Canuel will be stopping by to talk about his work at  Petricore Games.

Week of October 23

We’ll be doing something different for this week’s meeting. Come to West Village G 102 at 7pm October 25 to have an open free-form discussion. It’s a great opportunity to do that whole “make friends” thing that humans seem so fond of.
The next day in West Village G 106 at 7pm is our usual work session, so bring yourself along with or without whatever projects need testing.

Week of October 16

This week, our Wednesday meeting will include a presentation by Michael Epstein, Northeastern grad and independent board game developer.  Come by West Village G 102 at 7pm.

Participate in Research

Borna Fatehi is conducting research for a graduate thesis in Meserve Hall from 2-7 PM on May 8th and 9th.  Here’s a link to the Facebook post about it.

9/31: Fall Pitch Meeting

This week’s meeting will be a brainstorming and pitch session for students looking to get their game projects underway, or to find more help for in-progress work. Bring whatever materials you’d like to get artists, programmers, sound designers, writers, and more interested in your idea– PowerPoint slides, concept art, even a piece of music that you think captures theme well– or just wing it! You’d be surprised what games have started off as off-the-cuff ideas.

We’ll be meeting as usual this Thursday in West Village G 106 from 7 to 8 PM. Also feel free to  come join our members in the Ryder 324 computer lab on Sundays from noon to 5 PM as we work on our games.

A special shout-out to all the students from both Northeastern and Berklee’s game clubs who came out to our Harmonix panel last week! We’ll be having more speakers and other events in the near future, so stay apprised with our Calendar!

Harmonix Panel at the 9/24/15 Meeting

This week we’ll be having a panel of developers from Harmonix Music Systems at our weekly meeting! This Boston-based game company has created some of the most well-known music game franchises in the industry, from Rock Band and Dance Central to Amplitude and Fantasia: Music Evolved! Come with questions you might have about getting into the industry, music, games, or the intersection thereof. We hope to see you there in West Village G 106 at 7 PM.

To stay up to date on events occurring at the Game Development Club’s meetings and beyond, be sure to add our Google Calendar to yours!

Welcome Back and the MicroGame Jam

Welcome back to Fall Semester! The Northeastern University Game Development Club will be holding meetings Thursdays at 7 PM in West Village G 106 starting September 10th. For more information on individual meetings, and to be sure not to miss out on any, add our Calendar to your schedule! We’re in the process of scheduling industry speakers, development workshops, and more useful events to help get you making games.

As you’ll notice, we’ve got an exciting event planned for the day before classes officially begin. From 10 AM to 5 PM on Tuesday, September 8th in West Village H 108, we will be hosting a MicroGame Jam! During this seven-hour event, participants will be given a secret theme to make a game that you can win or lose in 5-10 seconds around. We will be putting the games together into a minigame-style wrapper at the end, so that players can play all the games in one place. Get back into the swing of game design at this fun and friendly event! We hope to see you there! As usual for our events, all students are welcome, no matter what their majors or experience levels are.

Important Note: We will be using the Unity engine for this jam, so that all the games made can be combined in the wrapper. Thus, be sure to download Unity before the event! We have a Git repository with the sample game file for download here.

See you at the MicroGame Jam, and at our meetings this semester on Thursdays!

Unity 5 Talk

At our weekly meeting on Thursday 3/26, Carl Callewaert will be speaking about Unity 5. Come see how to use the new Unity 5 features to create graphically impressive games and how to get your game stand out on the market with the new Unity services.

This meeting, and all meetings for the rest of the 2015 spring semester, will be in 119 Dodge Hall. The time will still be the same, 7 PM on Thursday nights. See you there!