Winner of the Public Recognition Award and received Honorable Mention for Art by the PLAIT Jury

Team Less Than Three has been working on their game Vahiy (pronounced ‘va-hee’) which means “apocalypse, revelation, inspiration, and oracle” in Ukrainian as team member Ashley explained. The team of about half Northeastern students and half Mass Art students remarked how quickly they formed their team on the evening that the participants of our Game Jam first met, and then immediately began bouncing ideas around.

Chris describes their game as a “survival horror game set in post-apocalyptic fantasy setting”. It involves searching for gear and survival equipment before the character “freaks out”, which leads to passing out, waking up, and starting again. There’s no way of killing enemies or dying, but the player must continuously strategize to find out how to survive.

When asked, the team mentioned that their only slight concern was that none of the members are Game Design majors and so their primary struggle was with handling the dynamic of game design. However, as gamers themselves, they were able to draw inspiration from outside sources as Sword and Sworcery and Bastion (as noted by Chris) as well as Castlevania and Metroid (as noted by Patrick).

See here the final presentation of their game:

To play the game go to the game’s global game jam site here.


  • Ashley Callahan
    • Studies: at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)
    • GGJ Role: Character and concept
    • Favorite Game: Dota 2 and Heavy Rain
  • Brett Davis
    • Studies: at Northeastern University
    • GGJ Role: Programming
    • Favorite Game: Dark Souls
  • Kyle Fleischer
    • Studies: at MassArt
    • GGJ Role: Character and animation
    • Favorite Game: The Neverhood
  • Patrick Gallagher
    • Studies: at MassArt
    • GGJ Role: Level design, music, and sound
    • Favorite Game: Mega Man 2
  • David Gedarovich
    • Studies: at Northeastern University
    • GGJ Role: Programming
  • Logan Thomas
    • Studies: at Northeastern University
    • GGJ Role: Programming
    • Favorite Game: League of Legends
  • Christopher Young
    • Studies: at MassArt
    • GGJ Role: Environment and background art
    • Favorite Game: Sword and Sworcery