Three Game Design Faculty Will Receive Tier-1 Grants

Game Design professors Alessandro Canossa, Casper Harteveld, and Gillian Smith will receive  Tier-1 Grants from Northeastern University starting July 1, 2014.
The grants will be awarded for the following research: 

GameGaze: Eye tracking to assess cognitive processes during gameplay
Alessandro Canossa (Game Design)
Adam Reeves (Psychology)

Interactions between Socio-Economic Changes and Urban Warming: Modeling the Feedbacks and Identifying the Leverage Points
Matthias Ruth (Public Policy/Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Casper Harteveld (Art + Design)

GrACE: An AI-Driven Game for Broadening Participation in Computer Science
Gillian Smith (Computer and Information Science / Game Design)
Casper Harteveld (Art + Design)

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