Winner of the Most Innovative Game Award

Reed Lockwood is a Computer Science and Game Design major in his junior year at Northeastern University. We checked in with him at about 1 PM and he had a running demo of the game, but still needed to incorporate sounds and the enemies/monsters into it. He has been developing his Game Jam game titled Thrall, in which the goal is to navigate through villages without killing the inhabitants and ultimately defeat the head monster when found. The player is chased by wrath, secondary monsters, and if they catch you your heartbeat level increases. If the heartbeat reaches a certain level, the player gets killed.

Reed enjoys Dwarf Fortress and strategy games, and was quite influenced by NetHack for the development of Thrall. When the theme was initially announced, he went through a flood of ideas and remarked how he and several teams chose to go with a more morbid route given the theme “heartbeat”. Though time is a pressing concern for most jammers, Reed also brought up the issue of art as it is not his forte. Instead he has been using the characters “@”, “%”, and “i” to represent the main player, the wrath, and the villagers, respectively.

See here the final presentation of their game:

To play the game go to the game’s global game jam site here.


  • Reed Lockwood
    • Studies: Computer Science and Game Design at Northeastern University
    • GGJ Role: Everything