The Voyage

The Voyage, by Squirtle Squad, is a survival-based game that places you on the Mayflower as a sickly pilgrim trying to survive the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The character has to find ways to sustain life by interacting with other characters and exploring the ship for items. The game puts a spin on the point-and-click genre by implementing a time mechanic that makes searching for items urgent. Thematically, The Voyage is attempting to be humorous yet retain dark undertones, borrowing ideas from The Binding of Isaac, Powerpuff Girls, 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself, and the author Terry Pratchett.

By mid-day Saturday, the team of three had already developed a prototype for the interaction system, player movement, and a portion of their art and sound assets.

Team member Jared Burrell, a sound designer, gave us some insight about developing music for video games.

As a musician it is important to get primary sources. A lot of what happens in video game music is already a copy of some primary source. That means going to my favorite composers or sounds from real life. I think you should follow what you love and figure out what their sources are.

See the video for their final presentation:

To play the game go to the game’s global game jam site here.


  • Julia Murphy
    • Studies: Digital Art and Game Design at Northeastern
    • GGJ Role: Art
  • Zachary Fand
    • Studies: Computer Science and Game Design at Northeastern
    • GGJ Role: Programming
  • Jared Burrell
    • GGJ Role: Music

Edited by Nick Alekhine