Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Paola Rizzo
Visiting Scholar at PLAIT Lab School of Computer and Information Engineering, where she collaborates with Dr. Seif El-Nasr and Dr. Alessandro Canossa
Interagens srl, Rome, Italy
Interests & Expertise: virtual characters, artificial intelligence, user modeling, HCI



Renjie Xu

Associate Professor/ Visiting Scholar at PLAIT Lab
School of Computer and Information Engineering,
Beijing Technology and Business University, China.
Interest & Expertise: Game Design, HCI,VR&AR




Shree Durga received her PhD in August 2012, in Curriculum & Instruction (with a minor in Educational Psychology) from University of Wisconsin — Madison. Her dissertation is an extensive online ethnographic study of Civfanatics— a civilization fan gaming community, depicting salient game modding typologies, prototypical modding and computational literacy practices observed within the gaming community. Her research interests include computational literacy practices, game modding and developing mixed methodological approaches to study learning over time through portrayal of parallel trajectories entailed typical to games and other media rich digital environments.


Having grown up in Vietnam and earned his doctorate from the National University of Singapore, Truong-Huy D. Nguyen is proud to have spent his life in the most vibrant cities in Asia. Starting a new life in the US, Truong-Huy hopes to further explore and tackle open research questions that will ultimately lead to smart technologies, whose aim is to make our lives easier via collaborative behavior. More specifically, his fields of interest include, but are not limited to, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning. When not working, he enjoys playing sports games (Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA) and indie Flash games in between real soccer and guitar sessions.