What is PLAIT?

Playable Innovative Technology: PlayIT or PLAIT, also means Braid, intertwined strands of, in our case, disciplines and activities. PLAIT is a group of faculty who teach and do research on topics related to game design and interactive media. We see this new emerging discipline as an interdisciplinary topic that infuses the arts (performative and visual), sciences (psychology, social science), and technology (computer science and engineering). We believe that the strength of our team is the strong cross disciplinary collaboration and representation. The core faculty represent the interactive arts, the computer science, and the social science, with members that often cross between these disciplines and publish in the different disciplines. Thus, we advocate a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach to game design and interactive media teaching and research, which we feel is unique within the game and interactive media programs and departments.

We further advocate an integral approach to game design and interactive media by combining and infusing research, education, and practice. This comes down to:

  • research-based education by involving students with the research of our top faculty and using research insights to give our students the current state-of-the-art.
  • education-based practice by enabling our students to gain experience with developing playable innovative technologies and involving industry and communities with our educational programs.
  • practice-based research by collaborating with industry and communities broadening the impact of our research to industry, communities, and society at large.

The following figure visually clarifies what PLAIT is about: