Mad Science: Creating a Culture of Curiosity and Learning

Project description: Mad Science is a game where each player takes on the role of a “mad” scientist—a character who is intrinsically curious and shows that curiosity in every aspect of her behavior. We envision creating a multiplayer environment in which each mad scientist can create her own experiments and recruit friends to participate in them from within the game environment. As the character gains experience by creating simple scenarios and participating in other experiments, she earns the ability to create more complex scenarios (e.g., with more characters) and in-game currency to be able to purchase unique items to put into the world. Players can see the results of their experiments visualized in the game environment, share those results with friends, and use them results to guide future experimentation.

Position description: We are looking for a student with extensive (game) programming experience to join our team as soon as possible and who has availability for over the summer. The team consists of Profs Casper Harteveld and Gillian Smith, Postdoc Steven Sutherland, and CAMD student Nolan Manning. We are further working closely with the School of Law to implement this game by creating scenarios with tough ethical decisions.

Contact: Prof. Casper Harteveld ( or Prof. Gillian Smith (