Student work

Dimensional Sinbad
A puzzle/action game developed in the GAME 3150 Game Design Algorithms class
Team Members: Kiril Geshev, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Yufan Lu

Dimensional Sinbad is a game which encourages the player to switch the scene between 2D and 3D to solve the puzzles and defeat enemies. The goal of the game is to control Sinbad and get to the green block while avoiding the red blocks and any enemies that blockSinbad’s path. Players will find that certain blocks seem to be unreachable when in a 3D perspective; and if the player switches to a 2D perspective, there might be some surprises waiting for the player.

Manchuria – The War of Resources
An RTS game developed as a funded project at Northeastern, funded by S.T.A.R. Analytics
Team Members: STAR Analytics (Robert MacAuslan, and Joel MacAuslan), Magy Seif El-Nasr, Deniz Ozkaynak, Kristen Halloran, Reza Asadi, Rui Du

War of Resources (M:WoR) allows users to play with history and change certain aspects of the Chinese Republic to see how it can affect the outcome of actual historical events. The game mechanics was developed based on the IEMP model, which models social power in terms of: ideology, economics, military, and politics. Thus all these powers play a role when managing a nation’s government. M:WoR focuses less on the military aspect of the IEMP model and more on the exploration of the other 3 social powers.